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Thread: 2.4 to Ecotec swap

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    2.4 to Ecotec swap

    i have a 2001 z24 cavy, manual tranny and all options including abs and a/c.

    got a 2003 2.2 ecotec with a manual tranny. looking to do a swap.

    got the ecotec out the the wrecked car, and kept all the harnesses and ecu and so on.

    about to drop the 2.4 out and realized that the ecotech car does not have abs or ac.

    personally i dont care about he abs. but, the light will be on and the car will not pass the yearly inspection.

    what is the easiest thing for me to do? will the 2.4 wire harness work? or can i splice the abs wires into the ecotec harness? or is it better to get a ecotec harness that has these options i need? also, will i have to get a different ecu , that will support the options?

    thank you for any advice.

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    grab the cluster, BCM and ECU out of the non-ABS car, and you won't get a CEL. also, grab the metering block out of the non-ABS car, take out the ABS module from the ABS car, and replace it with the metering block.

    bam! no more ABS, no codes, CEL's, nothing.

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