I have read the bulletin from GM regarding original valve covers without heat stakes needing replaced (see here: http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/sh...with-isolation). Excuse my ignorance, but it says to inspect the heat stake marks: Does that merely mean verify if present and replace with updated cover if not? Or are they asking you to inspect for other reasons like discoloring, damage, coking, sludge etc?

I have a freshly re-ringed 2003 Saturn L200 that runs perfect, but used a quart of oil in 500 miles. inspection of the intake clearly shows fresh oil (i am certain because all parts were hot tanked prior to reassembly and looked new). The tube from valve cover to air inlet is also full oil. Apparently its acting a a "straw" and removing excessive amounts of oil.

Compression and leak down tests show new rings are performing as they should.

So I am assuming its this "straw" effect from valve cover. Pulling it off next week, but curious as I mentioned above, what I am inspecting for.

I will add that I did attempt to insert the chuck end of the drill bit into the PCV orifice and could not. So also not sure if both conditions need be present to be the culprit of oil consumption.