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Thread: Drum Brakes Question

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    Drum Brakes Question

    Hey everybody, I've got an issue with my '04 Chevy (Malibu) Classic. the drivers' side rear brake shoes are worn out prematurely. They're all the way down to the rivets. I changed all 4 brakes in 2014, about 50,000 miles ago so I shouldn't be wearing out the rears yet. Also the passenger side is still at 60-80% lining left. Same goes for the pads up front. I'm wondering what might cause this? bad adjuster? bent hold-down clamp? the shoe-hold down springs are somewhat unconventional on this car and I wonder if they could be the source of the problem. here's a video to show you what my shoe hold-downs look like.

    the hold-downs require a special tool to remove and replace so I wonder if anyone here has a go-around for it. The guy in the video doesn't even change them....despite the fact that they're about $10 for the pair
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