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Thread: Need help getting air out of 2.2cooling

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    Need help getting air out of 2.2cooling

    Hello, new to forum and new to ecotec engines...I'm trying to help my sister in law get her 2003 Cavalier running right. It has the 2.2 engine and is overheating - not super bad but enough...when you let it run for around10-15 minutes the temp jumps up to 220, and both radiator hoses are hot, bulging and seem to be under a lot of pressure...could this be from the system needing to be bleed? Or a bad thermostate? any suggestions? Thanks really -hoping it's not a bad head gasket!

    I've driven myself crazy trying to find the bleeder valve on this and I'm starting to suspect I can't locate it because the previous owner may have removed the metal pipe and replaced it with rubber heater hose. If this is the case, any suggestions on other ways to bleed out the air in the system? I was thinking of detaching the coolant resivour and holding it up with the lid off wile the engine is running and adding coolant then...

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    The thermostat could be sticking. I'd start there. The system also could be clogged and in need of a flush. One of the main problems with Dex Cool is that it tends to clog up the water jackets in the head(mostly on other engines, but still could happen). Just to ease your fear if that happened to this engine I'd be shocked. All cooling systems need to be flushed from time to time.

    Because there is no radiator cap you must use the cap on the recovery tank. If the sticker is still on that you can see that it is rated at 15psi. Just run the engine for a short time, shut it off and open the cap. If there is chugging and the level drops then there was air in the system. After you have done that a few times take it for a short drive and then open the cap again. Don't forget to have the heater on to be sure there is no air hiding in there.

    Again start with the thermostat and see if that fixes the problem(also to make sure the system is fee to flow). Make sure the system has no air. If that doesn't work then do the flush.

    That should fix the problem unless there is air in the system at this time which would mean that there is a leak somewhere.

    We both seem to be under the impression that the water pump is doing it's job. Lets hope that we are right.
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