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Thread: Evilution 2014

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    Evilution 2014

    Figured I should make the official post over here too..

    Last weekend I took the car down to my buddy's garage for her final set of mods

    Started off the morning like so

    Things started falling off

    Then more

    Bye bye motor

    Weight reduction, who needs a motor anyway

    Now for my stance mod. Instant 4x4, just remove everything from the front of the car!

    Fortunately the motor already has a new home to go to, and an owner chomping at the bit to put it through it's paces. The blower on the other hand still needs a home (hint hint - go look at my classifieds ad!)

    If you haven't figured it out, the car has been de-modded and parting out. It's been sitting for sale a few months too long and it was time to get it out of here. I've really been needing to get started on the new project, and I unfortunately just don't have the garage space or budget for two money pits. Fortunately the shell is going to a local member and will be reborn with mostly parts from his j-body that was totalled a few months ago (Phil's old Qwibby actually).
    I'll still be around though, still have my daily driver ('04 Cavalier sedan) for a few years, plus there always seems to be some various eco car hanging around my garage needing some love, lol. Currently have my buddy's '01 convertable that we eco swapped last year that needs some upgrades which will keep my busy between working on the corvette.
    Which, I forget if I mentioned in previous threads, but this past fall I picked up a 1978 Corvette as a replacement for this car. Needs a little restoration and I will be LS/t56 swapping and turbocharging it. Hope to have at least the motor swap and coilovers on by late spring so I can enjoy it a bit over summer.

    One last shot of her from yesterday morning, all loaded up and ready to go. Hopefully next time I see her, Jon will have her up and running with all the goodies from his old car.

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    Man I hate to see this kind of thing happen.The Ray is going to be a fun project and I've always wanted to build one. Doesn't take much to get past that stock power level.
    How about a SC 3800 stage 2? You would lose weight, gain room and have more power than stock. Nah...the mounts would be a PITA.
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