Alright, trying to get the ball rolling again on this car.

First and foremost, I'm throwing in the towel on the ld9 harness/pcm and going back to an eco setup for now. I'm really leaning towards the PCM itself being glitchy, and I really don't want to have to license yet another PCM and re-license the SD reflash again in the event that is still doesn't give the desired results. My old tune on the eco pcm worked and got us the results we were looking for, so that's what we will do again. I will most likely pickup MS3 over the winter.

I couldn't find a 5 speed harness in any locals yards, so I grabbed an auto harness to convert to 5 speed

For now, I'm just converting it for 5 speed so I can toss it in and get it running, as I have someone who wants to buy the ld9 harness so I want to make this a quick swap. Afterwards, I'll pull the harness and rework it...I decided I want to yank the engine again and fully shave and tuck the bay. I should've done that in the first place, as the more I look at it now, it's just not clean enough. I already picked up a 12' blank harness from DIYautotune, as well as a variety of Metri-pack and weather-pack terminals to make the tuck harness.

I also came across a killer deal on a 95-02 Turbo Sport hood, so I picked that up as well, and will be converting it for the 03+ front end. It needs alot of TLC so I don't mind having to hack into it. Right now it's covered in rattle can primer, as it had a ton of surface stress cracks , and I guess the previous owner just wanted them cover. I know, why go through all the work making it fit 03+? All of the 03+ turbo sports I find are the a different style scoop and I just don't care for it.

The head light line isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be...should actually be a pretty simple project to modify. I'm also not sure how deep in the epoxy the cracks go, if I need to dig too deep, I'll probably take it down pretty close to the carbon weave, and just lay a fresh layer of carbon fiber over and re-lay the epoxy.

I also started looking where I want to clean up the engine bay, so I'm rerouting a few things now to get a feel where to run everything in the end. Tonight I rerouted my lines to the catch can, as I HATED where I had them, laying over the upper motor mount. It's one of things I just tossed in quickly as an effort to get things installed and running. I pulled my front line under the blower and under the side frame rail, and the rear one down behind the water pump and under the rail. I'll probably wrap the lower portion of the rear line since it's near the header. Got lucky too and the lines reached as is so I didn't have to cut any new hose. Tomorrow I'll probably work on routing the fuel lines lower and make sure I don't need to cut longer lines for that.



I'm also ditching the MSD setup when I go back to the L61 harness, so that should help clean everything up too.

I've also wanted to clean up my subframe and trailing arm for quite some time now, as they show their age from winter driving when the car used to be a DD, but I unfortunately don't have the room in my garage to have the car sit and work on them, so I picked up some replacements to work on ahead of time, and swap them in when finished. I'm going to take them to work and sand blast them, then give them a good coat of epoxy primer and repaint them.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll install the new harness later this week, get it all running, and we can head out and tune next week so I can enjoy the car for what's left of the summer.