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Thread: How can I get an ECOTEC motor making 1000+ hp and 9700 rpms? Cost? Goal 6-800 hp

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    How can I get an ECOTEC motor making 1000+ hp and 9700 rpms? Cost? Goal 6-800 hp

    I am thinking about buying a turbocharged ecotec motor for my kit car, because I recently heard about what they can do. According to many articles and posts the crazy little motors can make over 1400 hp and rev to 10000 rpms? I don't need that much power, but I'd love to see those revs and a decent amount of power. Is there somewhere I can get a motor and turbo built to make/take this kind of power and revs? It said it was a 2.0 turbocharged ECOTEC, am I looking for an LNF or a different motor? If I can't buy a pre-built motor, Is there somewhere I can get a kit to build it up, a turbo kit, the injectors, or parts for this build? Is there a recommended tuner(s) to get the job done? What kind of money would I be looking at If I were to want like 600-800 hp and a 9700 rpm redline (approximately)? THANKS!!!

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    Go to GM Tuner source. then go to racer tech. Download and start reading. You can easily build a 1000 motor with enough money.

    Or just buy the Eco Drag motor...
    Engine Type: Inline 4-cylinder
    Displacement: 2.16 Liters
    Bore x Stroke: 89mm x 89 mm (destroked for high RPM operation) Valves/cylinder: 4
    Balance Shafts: Removed for high RPM operation
    Block: Aluminum (lost foam cast) with steel cylinder liners
    Head: Aluminum (sand cast) with custom race porting
    Crankshaft: 3.505” Billet Steel
    Rods: Manley I-beam, 300M material
    Pistons: JE aluminum with 22mm PPP Pins
    Compression: 10.8:1
    Camshafts: Comp Cams billet custom ground, with roller finger followers
    Induction: Borg Warner S400 Turbocharger w/ air to water intercooler
    Ignition: Capacitive discharge by MSD
    Fuel Delivery: 3 injectors per cylinder with FAST XFI controller
    Fuel: Methanol
    Lubrication: Dry sump
    Exhaust: 4 into 1, custom bent
    Horsepower: 1450hp @ 9200rpm
    Torque: 940 lb-ft @ 7700rpm

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