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Thread: Ecotec engine management summary

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    Ecotec engine management summary

    "PCM" Powertrain controller, which can operate an engine and transmission. Computer starts with a "P"
    "ECM" Engine controller only. Computer starts with an "E"
    "TCM" Transmission controller. Only in vehicles with an automatic transmission. The device is a slave to the ECM. In manual transmission car, the TCM is not installed.

    2002-2005 L61 equipped cars:
    PCM: P11

    2003-2006 L61 Ions
    2005-2006 L61 Cobalts
    ECM: E16A
    TCM: T42

    2007-current model L61 Cobalts, Ions, G5's
    ECM: E37
    TCM: T42

    2004-current model LSJ Ions
    2005-current model LSJ Cobalts
    PCM: P12
    Note: The P12 unit could in fact operate a transmission in this application. It is simply not used. However, somebody using HP Tuners on this computer will find variables for it.

    2006-current model LE5 Cobalt, G5's
    ECM: E67
    TCM: T42

    2006-current model LE5 Sky, Solstice
    ECM: E67
    TCM: ? (5L40E trans)

    LNF Cars:
    Sky Redline
    ECM: E69

    Credit to Witt and WopOnTour for some research notes.

    All of the above computers are supported by HP Tuners except for the E16A. The E37 and E69 are in beta test right now, but not yet available in public release. The E16A is reported by HP Tuners as being scheduled for support in the first half of 2007. It is also reported to be supported by SCT Flash as part of the Garrett turbo package release in first quarter 2007.
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    There is an error here.

    the 03-04 ion e16a is not the same e16a as the 05-06 cobalts

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    does anyone know about an L61 equipped saturn vue? how would i find out if my ecu is supported?

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