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Thread: More LNF details.

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    More LNF details.

    Just got out of my training course for the 2.0L turbo LNF engine, thought I'd share some tidbits with y'all(some is new some you already know)

    Steel crankshaft, Forged rods, 9.2:1 compression, twin scroll turbo, alloy intake manifold with downward facing throttle body, 2,176 psi rated max fuel pressure. The engine uses unique cams, head, and cam cover which can only be used as a complete assembly and with SIDI controllers.

    High pressure fuel pump is a single cylinder mechanical pump driven by a 3 lobe cam off of the rear of the intake cam(uses a big roller follower)
    Rear as nearthe #4cyl not the very end of cam like early power steering pumps, it sticks out the side of the engine, not the back.

    The high pressure feed line has compression ball fittings on the end and is a ONE TIME line. must be replace if moved. However no normal service require removal( only injector, rail, or head service really REQUIRE removal)

    There is a fuel pressure damper integral to the stainless fuel pipes attached to the high pressure pump.. It MAY make objectionable noises. These cant be eliminated.

    Fuel rail pressure sensor for engine operation.

    Injectors run through water jacketed ports in the head to stabilize fuel temps.

    Injectors have 6 port design with oval-cone shaped pattern.

    The injectors use 65 VOLTS to open!!!! Dont mess with injector high side circuits.

    There are unique teflon seals on the injectors which require special tools to replace.

    The connecting rod incorporates the floating piston pin. The pistons are cast aluminum. The piston rings are of a low tension type to reduce friction. The top compression ring is ductile iron with a molybdenum facing and phosphate coated sides. The second compression ring is gray iron. The oil ring is a 3-piece spring construction with chromium plating.

    The oil pan is die cast aluminum. The oil pan includes an attachment to the transmission to provide additional structural support.

    There are 2 block mounted balance shafts located on each side of the crankcase at the bottom of the cylinder bores. The balance shafts are driven by a single roller chain that also drives the water pump. The chain is tensioned by a hydraulic tensioner that is supplied pressure by the engine oil pump.

    The cylinder head is a semi--permanent mold aluminum casting. Pressed-in powdered metal valve guides and valve seat insets are used. The fuel injection nozzle is located below the intake port.

    2 camshafts are used, The camshafts are cast iron.

    The valve train uses a roller finger follower acted on by a hydraulic lash adjuster.

    The camshaft cover has a steel crankcase ventilation baffling incorporated. The camshaft cover has mounting locations for the ignition system.

    A single row roller chain is used for camshaft drive. There is a tensioner and active guide used on the slack side of the chain to control chain motion and noise.

    The exhaust manifold is cast iron. The intake manifold incorporates a distribution and control system for positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) gases. The exhaust manifold is a dual plane design.
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