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Thread: Specs on SKY RL/Pontiac Solstice

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    Specs on SKY RL/Pontiac Solstice

    Here are the specs on the 2.0L Turbocharged SKY RL/Pontiac Solstice

    Adam, can you lock this so it will just be for reference only?

    This state-of-the-art, turbocharged and intercooled, sixteen-valve in-line four is GM’s first direct-injection engine in the US, and it’s been renforced to better handle the turbo’s 20 psi. The powerplant also has the highest output--and the highest specific output--of any engine in the Ecotec family: 260 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot of power for a 2.0-liter engine.

    By injecting fuel directly into the cylinders, GM was able to maintain a relatively high compression ratio (9.2:1), which helps the engine make more power off-boost and also contributes to better overall efficiency. Continuous cam phasing on both the intake and exhaust cams further increases efficiency and helps reduce turbo lag. For example, at low revs, the engine computer will allow a small amount of valve overlap, opening both the intake and exhaust valves at the same time. This increases the volume of gases flowing through the turbo, keeping it spooled up and ready to produce boost.
    Automobile Mag

    Here are some diagrams of the engine and turbo. The turbo has an internal wastegate and the reason this turbocharged car is able to get such low torque is because it is specially designed between GM and Garrett. The turbo has little fins that stay closed at lower rpm helping the turbo spool and as it starts to spool the fins open up to allow the turbo to just go nuts. Its a twinscroll turbo.

    The DYNO: 228rwhp and 248lb/ft. It holds 200lb/ft from 2000 to about 6000rpm and the rev limiter on the cars is rather low from the factory (6200rpm).

    See attchment for dyno sheet. It isn't that clear when opened up. If you want I can save it and have it show in the actual post, but when I first did that it was rather large.

    Video of Dyno:

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