2004 CHEVROLET Cavalier LS Sport
Owner thechucklives

Vehicle 2004 CHEVROLET Cavalier LS Sport
Engine Type Ecotec 2.2, Manual.
Vehicle Class Compact
Color White
Updated 04-09-2010 02:36 PM
Mileage 48,000 Miles
Purchase Date 09-02-2009
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Early tuning stages, but im keeping it balanced. Not sure which direction to go engine wise. Low miles so, i hate to swap it out... put the most work into my suspension and it handles like it! 16" rims w/50 series tires... &more

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You might consider removing the air baffles under the fender (I think they have them on the Cavalier, I know they do on the Pontiac Sunfire) and route the induction piping around the battery or relocate the battery and route the piping into that hole in the fender, then place an air filter under that. It draws the coldest air in you can probably find on the vehicle and can help to reduce under hood air pressure. For now that's what I'm doing; routing piping around the battery. I think you'll find you end up with more power because you're not drawing in hot air off the radiator.