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  1. How To: Build your own ECOTEC turbo kit (Updated 12/13/06)
  2. FAQ/How To: Install the Auto Trans Interceptor
  3. How To: Remove Side moldings (Cobalts/Cavs)
  4. How To: Install a Lower Motor Mount (j-body) (56k warning)
  5. How To: How do I shorten my shifter?
  6. How To - Ecotec cam install
  7. How To: Check your PCV System
  8. how to install a crank pulley
  9. How To: Change Spark Plugs
  10. How To: Install A Transmission Cooler
  11. How To: Bypass the factory amp on a UQ3 equiped jbody 00+
  12. How to install a Cobra Heat Exchanger
  13. How To: Getrag F23 Transmission Fluid Change
  14. How-to request...(Polish Eco Cover)
  15. CG-Lock How-to/Review
  16. The Original 95-99 Jbody Ecotec Swap How To
  17. How to - L61 swap into a 2000-2002 J-Body
  18. How To: Cobalt/General Transmission Inserts
  19. How To: HP Tuners and GM Eco S/C, Fake 2.5 Bar
  20. MSD how to - wiring diagram and MSD/HPT files
  21. How-To: Front Polyeurethane Automatic Transmission Mount Install
  22. How To: Disable DRL (daytime running lamps)
  23. How To: Beck’s 2.4L Supercharged Build Walkthrough
  24. HOW TO: How the 4T40E is assembled
  25. How To: Brake install
  26. How to Install an Ecotec in a Street Rod
  27. J-Body Koni Install
  28. How to Paint Cobalt Headlights
  29. How to: Install the 2.4 Intake manifold on an L61
  30. How to: Install front sway bar in Cobalt.
  31. How To: Bleed Clutch
  32. How To: Install Spark Plugs In Coil On Plug System
  33. Dual Pass Endplate How To
  34. how to question
  35. How To Install A Fuel Pressure Gauge!
  36. Ecotec Cam Install
  37. How-to Install header and downpipe on a cobalt
  38. How To: Balance Shaft Delete
  39. How to Swap aftermarket speakers with OEM speakers
  40. How To Change Door Armrest Fabric (Removing Armrest
  41. How to install Halos Projectors and L.E.D. Lights
  42. oh man brake time
  43. timing chain guide pointer
  44. How to read your spark plugs
  45. How To: Racetronix Fuel pump install (J-body)
  46. How To install manual fan switch
  47. How To Install a Dash Knock Light.
  48. how to tune the lnf
  49. how to take out motor
  50. how to Rebuild IC pump
  51. How-To : Dual-Pass Intercooler Endplate (LSJ)
  52. How-To : Piston Install (LSJ)
  53. [How To] Tinting Taillights
  54. [How To] ECU Move to interior
  55. [How To] MSD coils on Ecotec with NO DIS box
  56. [How To] How to Use and Interpret a Vacuum Gauge
  57. [How To] LSJ Alternator for MP62 Supercharged Ecotecs
  58. [How To] Team Green Limited Slip Differential Install