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  1. A short History of the EcoTec
  2. Ecotec engine break downs
  3. Ecotec engine Pics
  4. EcoTec build book?
  5. Full ECOTEC Build Guide w/PNs & Links
  6. FAQ: How do I swap my auto to a manual?
  7. FAQ: What transmission do I have? (J-Body)
  8. FAQ: Cold Air Intakes or Warm Air Intakes?
  9. Websites for parts! (12/12/2010)
  10. The Ultimate ECOTEC Related Turbo FAQ! (Updated 4/4/2009)
  11. GM LSJ Build Book
  12. EcoTec Powertrain Control Module Pin Layout
  13. Fuel System 101 FAQ
  14. FAQ: Can I delete my A/C easily?
  15. FAQ: Do I need a larger Throttle Body??
  16. 2.4 LE5 Tuning FAQ
  17. Ecotec Oiling Diagram
  18. What else do we need?
  19. L61 from a Cobalt/Ion in a Jbody
  20. Installing Oil Pressure Gauge on LSJ
  21. [FAQ] I dunno cavaliers...