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  3. [WTB] LE5 Intake Cam
  4. [WTB] LSJ/LK9 flywheel, clutch, pressure plate
  5. [WTB] tune my m62 cav
  6. [WTB] 00-05 gauge cluster
  7. [WTB] Cold Air Intake (or WAI) and 4-2-1 headers
  8. [WTB] NEED ASAP! plastic clutch bleeder assembly
  9. [WTB] probably a long shot....Spare SI os eco valves.
  10. [WTB] Few parts for my next 'stage'
  11. [WTB] Harrop HTV1320-LSJ TVS Supercharger
  12. [WTB] Wiseco, JE, Diamond, Mahle 8.9:1 Forged pistons .25mm overbore... 2.2 L61 Eco.
  13. [WTB] 02 saturn 2.2 intake cam with hex for power steering
  14. [WTB] Custom Intake Manifold l61
  15. [WTB] Aftermarket Valve springs
  16. [WTB] FE3 or FE5 springs
  17. [WTB] trigger wheel
  18. [WTB] I need some lowering springs or coil over kit 05 cavy
  19. [WTB] Looking for an ecotec
  20. [WTB] L61 stock camshafts
  21. [WTB] LSJ Cylinder head
  22. [WTB] LE5 (2.4L) Intake Manifold/L61 TB adapter.
  23. [WTB] Lsj performance parts!!
  24. [WTB] Adjustable Cam Gears
  25. [WTB] Looking to buy a M62 S/C kit
  26. [WTB] Need 2.4L engine ecotec or suggestion
  27. [WTB] 58x7 conversion trigger wheel
  28. [WTB] LOOKING TO BUY: TB adapter and Heat Exchanger!
  29. [WTB] Cold air or ram air intake for an 05 Cavalier LS sport.